Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(REVIEW) Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint No.2 Tonic Coral | No.9 Number Memory

Hello. So, I wanted to try out these relatively new Mamonde lip products back when I actually purchased them because of the packaging. The packaging does actually look like highlighters and it comes in 10 colors. Mamonde has released a similar product related to the Highlight Lip tints, the Highlight Lip Tint Glow. This product retails for 11,000₩


(From Packaging):  A lip tint that completes the highlight of makeup with high color and light texture. (N/A)


No.2 Tonic Coral is actually not coral at all, it's a light colored muted neutral pink. It's quite flattering on my skin tone although I try to avoid pinks this specific color really drew my attention. No.9 Number Memory is a red tint with a brown undertone. The scent kinda reminds of paint but also carries a sweet tone as well. The scent is there upon application but fades with wear. The applicator is a flat pointed applicator and although I find the pointed tip useful to outline the upper part of my lips I find the overall size of the whole applicator to be to wide. It makes it difficult to properly outline the rest of the lip without mistakes. The texture is creamy and not sticky at all as my hair doesn't stick to my lips. The product itself is pigmented and opaque, it's easy to transfer the opaqueness on to the lips. The product is easy to build on but one only needs 2 layers at most more layers will wipe off prior layers. Without wiping off excess one application is opaque enough for one lip. However, the product is easy to blend out thus losing the opaqueness. Personally I prefer to use this tints as actual tints even though the colors are so very pretty that they would be perfect as lipsticks. Now I've tried them both as an all over lip tint as well as just a simple lip gradation and yes the lip gradation is much better. With an all over lip tint upon application it was fully pigmented, glossy, and moisturizing it stays that way until 45 minutes. Within an hour the color has faded and the color isn't as glossy as the initial application. After 2 hours the color is only slightly glossy but the color has faded even more. By the third hour the color was just slightly there no longer glossy nor moisturizing. After the fourth and fifth hour the color was just subtle tint and lasted as such for the next hour until it faded completely As a gradation it's the same process but seems to fade quicker as after the sixth hour I didn't even notice a lip stain. The product is not transfer proof it actually transfer so very much and on everything. So it completely wipes off considerably when eating, as for drinking it transfers on the cup. Even the lip stain after 3 hours is not as pigmented as what my other lip tints look like at the third hour mark. By the later hours the lip stain is very subtle that it looks like what my other lip tints look like at the eight hour mark and even subtler than that. The tints don't dry out my lips or make them look dry after wear so I'll continue to use them but I'd definitely have to carry them with me for touch ups. I really loved the colors and I guess I expected too much but they're are quite glossy and they're not advertised as long-lasting so they're not the worst nor the best.

╍ Notable Ingredients ╍

Safflower Flower Extract, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

╍ Cautionary Ingredients ╍


╍ Full Ingredients ╍ 

Side View. The applicator doesn't pick up too much product but
I'd recommend to swipe off excess on the side of the tube.
The No.6 Applicator is faulty, Appears to be broken so it picks up
more product than necessary.


Left No.2 Tonic Coral | Right No.9 Number Memory

Overall Pros ▬

Wide range of colors, 
Glossy and moisturizing upon first hour of use.
Not sticky.

Overall Cons ▬

Fades quickly, 
Not long-lasting, 
Transfers a lot. 
Looses Opaqueness.

► Recommend

There's a wide range of colors that are and would seem flattering towards a
wide range of undertones but overall I found the lip tints underwhelming.


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